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The Verve: A Storm In Heaven (3CD + DVD Super Deluxe)

A Storm In Heaven (3CD + DVD Super Deluxe)

The Verve

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  • Release Date 09 September 2016
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CD with DVD
A Storm in Heaven originated during the band's four-week stay outside of Llandudno, Wales. After the autumn 1992 Gravity Grave tour, they relocated to Sawmills Studios in Cornwall where sessions were recorded with producer John Leckie for seven weeks. Like the bands prior EPs and singles, most of the songs on this album are bathed in heavy layers of delay (echo) and reverb, used on both the guitars and the vocals, to give a disorienting psychedelic overall effect. A Storm in Heaven features enigmatic artwork designed by Brian Cannon; the cover photo was shot inside Thor's Cave in Staffordshire, England.
CD 1
1 Star Sail  
2 Slide Away  
3 Already There  
4 Beautiful Mind  
5 The Sun The Sea  
6 Virtual World  
7 Make It'Til Monday  
8 Blue  
9 Butterfly  
10 See You In The Next One (Have A Good Time)  
CD 2
1 All In The Mind  
2 One Way To Go  
3 A Man Called Sun  
4 She's A Superstar  
5 Feel  
6 Gravity Grave  
7 Endless Life  
8 A Man Called Sun  
9 Gravity Grave  
10 Twilight  
11 Where The Geese Go  
12 No Come Down  
13 Blue  
14 6 O'Clock  
CD 3
1 Make It'Til Monday  
2 Virtual World  
3 Gravity Grave  
4 Butterfly  
5 Slide Away  
6 She's A Superstar  
7 Already There  
8 Brake Lights  
9 Star Sail  
10 A Man Called Sun  
11 6 O'Clock  
12 Gravity Grave  
13 Shoeshine Girl  
14 South Pacific  
1 Slide Away [Music Video]  
2 All In The Mind [Music Video]  
3 She's A Superstar [Music Video]  
4 A Man Called Sun [Music Video]  
5 South Pacific [Music Video]  
6 Already There [Music Video]  
7 The Sun The Sea [Music Video]  
8 Gravity Grave [Music Video]  
9 A Man Called Sun [Music Video]  
10 South Pacific [Music Video]  
11 Blue [Music Video]  

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