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Rory Gallagher: Blues (3CD) (CD)

Blues (3CD) (CD)

Rory Gallagher

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  • Release Date 14 June 2019
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Compact Disc
A collection of rare and unreleased recordings of Rory Gallagher playing strictly blues material. It will range from previously unheard / unreleased tracks from Rory's archive, special guest sessions that with legendary blues artists (Muddy Waters / Albert King), lost radio sessions and more. There will be a deluxe 36-track 3CD version covering Rory playing electric, acoustic and live blues comprised of 94% unreleased material. Also coming is a 14-track 1CD / 2LP version of which 92% of the material will be unreleased.
1 Don't Start Me Talkin'  
2 Nothin' But The Devil  
3 Tore Down  
4 Off The Handle  
5 I Could've Had Religion  
6 As The Crow Flies  
7 A Million Miles Away  
8 Should've Learnt My Lesson  
9 Leaving Town Blues  
10 Drop Down Baby  
11 I'm Ready  
12 Bullfrog Blues  
1 Who's That Coming?  
2 Should've Learnt My Lesson  
3 Prison Blues  
4 Secret Agent  
5 Blow Wind Blow  
6 Bankers Blues  
7 Whole Lot Of People  
8 Loanshark Blues  
9 Pistol Slapper Blues  
10 Can't Be Satisfied  
11 Want Ad Blues  
12 Walkin' Blues  
1 When MyBaby She Left Me  
2 Nothin' But The Devil  
3 What In The World  
4 I Wonder Who  
5 Messin' With The Kid  
6 Tore Down  
7 Garbage Man Blues  
8 All Around Man  
9 Born Under A Bad Sign  
10 You Upset Me, Baby  
11 Comin' Home Baby  
12 Rory Talking Blues  

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