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Marcus King: Carolina Confessions (LP)

Carolina Confessions (LP)

Marcus King

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  • Release Date 05 October 2018
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Vinyl LP
Marcus King doesn�t strive for authenticity, he doesn�t have to�it�s busting out of his DNA in every note he plays and every word he sings. He may be young but this 22-year old�s eloquent songs, expressive guitar playing, and ecstatically soulful singing mark him as a force to be reckoned with. For corroboration consider Carolina Confessions, The Marcus King Band�s third full-length album, a sprawling, scintillating work in the tradition of the Stones� Let It Bleed and the Dead�s American Beauty
1 Confessions  
2 Where I'm Headed  
3 Homesick  
4 8 a.m.  
5 How Long  
1 Remember  
2 Side Door  
3 Autumn Rains  
4 Welcome 'Round Here  
5 Goodbye Carolina  

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Marcus King: Carolina Confessions (CD)
Marcus King
Carolina Confessions (CD)
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