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Shawn Colvin & Steve Earle: Colvin & Earle

Colvin & Earle

Shawn Colvin & Steve Earle

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  • Release Date 10 June 2016
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Vinyl LP

COLVIN & EARLE reveals a truly collaborative creative partnership, with each singer/songwriter contributing verses, melodies, choruses, and chord progressions. Songs like "Tell Moses" - a rollicking slice of folk-gospel that works its way from Egypt to Ferguson, MO and the irresistibly vibrant "Happy & Free" see Colvin & Earle gelling into a gorgeous, cohesive duo, the perfect vehicle for their sterling harmonies and infinite songwriting gifts.

COLVIN & EARLE's more melancholy moments cut close to the bone from both artists personal experiences, from the winsome "The Way That We Do" and the self-reflective "You're Right (I'm Wrong)" the closing "You're Still Gone" (featuring lyrics by Julie Miller). Colvin & Earle also chose to include four distinctive covers, including "Ruby Tuesday" and "Raise The Dead" as well as a bluesy take on The Nashville Teens' garage rock standard, "Tobacco Road," and a new interpretation of "You Were On My Mind" blending elements of both Ian & Sylvia and The We Five's classic versions.

Fueled by deep emotional connection and spiritual bond, COLVIN & EARLE captures the once-in-a-lifetime magic of two extraordinary artists so in tune that they seem to be able to read each other's minds. It would have been impossible to predict at the Iron Horse all those years ago, but Colvin & Earle have gone from sharing a stage to sharing one of the finest records in either of their storied careers.

1 Come What May  
2 Tell Moses  
3 Tobacco Road  
4 Ruby Tuesday  
5 The Way That We Do  
6 Happy & Free  
7 You Were On My Mind  
8 You're Right (I'm Wrong)  
9 Raise the Dead  
10 You're Still Gone  

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