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Blue Rodeo: Five Days in July (2LP)

Five Days in July (2LP)

Blue Rodeo

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  • Release Date 26 October 1993
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Vinyl LP
Toronto-based Blue Rodeo was purveying its own alternately sunny, grizzled mix of country and rock before the alternative country boomlet made it fashionable. This self-produced 1993 album, recorded mostly live at the band's farm, brought them fans partly because of the alternative country trend, partly because the set was more lyrical and explicit in its country accents. As transparent, and unapologetic, Neil Young fans, this was Blue Rodeo's Harvest, distinguished by the poles of its songwriting and singing team, Jim Cuddy and Greg Keelor. Cuddy's clear, soaring tenor provides a romantic foil for Keelor's smokier, rougher-edged vocals, and together they write brooding rock ballads (""5 Days in May""), ringing, deceptively up-tempo loser's anthems (""Hasn't Hit Me Yet""), and convincing country ballads (""Bad Timing""), as well as spacier rock dirges (""What Is This Love,"" featuring Sarah McLachlan).
1 5 Days in May  
2 Hasn't Hit Me Yet  
3 Bad Timing  
4 Cynthia  
5 Photograph  
6 What is This Love  
7 English Bay  
8 Head Over Heels  
9 Til I Gain Control Again  
10 Dark Angel