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Big Sugar: Hit And Run

Hit And Run

Big Sugar

  • CDN $7.99
  • Release Date 03 February 2009
  • In Stock
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Compact Disc
Universal Music Canada
Initially released as a limited edition greatest hits ("Hit") with a bonus live cd ("Run"), the double cd was sold out on release day. Currently available as a 16 track cd comprising of 13 hits and 3 new bonus tracks
1 Sleep in Late  
2 Ride Like Hell  
3 I'm A Ram  
4 Dear Mr Fantasy  
5 Diggin' a Hole  
6 If I Had My Way  
7 Open Up Baby  
8 The Scene  
9 Better Get Used to It  
10 Turn the Lights On  
11 Red Rover  
12 Nicotina (She's all That)  
13 All Hell for a Basement  
14 I Want You Now  
15 Trouble in the City  
16 Three Minute Song  

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