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Kurtis Blow: Kurtis Blow (LP) (Translucent Orange)

Kurtis Blow (LP) (Translucent Orange)

Kurtis Blow

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  • Release Date 07 December 2018
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Vinyl LP
In 1980, hip-hop found a charismatic orator who could comfortably represent the genre underneath its ever-expanding spotlight. Kurtis Blow, a young Harlem kid who studied communication in college was the perfect fit�handsome, squeaky-clean, and ready to represent the new-yet-growing landscape of rap. "The Breaks" was an early smash single that helped not only launch Blow's career, but also positioned rap as something that could be popularized beyond the fleeting trend it was originally perceived as. "The Breaks" was the first Gold certified rap song and peaked at No. 87 on the Billboard Hot 100. VH1 subsequently ranked it as No. 10 on their list of Top Hip-Hop Songs and to this day, the single has sold half a million copies, a huge feat in the history of 12-inch singles. Urban Legends/UMe has reissued the out-of-print debut LP by Kurtis Blow on a gold vinyl edition�inspired by "The Breaks," which is the first Gold certified rap song.
1 Rappin Blow (Part 2)  
2 The Breaks  
3 Way Out West  
4 Throughout Your Years  
5 Hard Times  
6 All I Want In This Worl (Is To Find That Girl)  
7 Takin Care Of Business