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Mark Hollis: Mark Hollis

Mark Hollis

Mark Hollis

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  • Release Date 18 October 2019
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Vinyl LP

The only solo album by former Talk Talk frontman Mark Hollis, released January 1998. Despite being released as a solo album by Hollis, it was originally intended to be credited to Talk Talk, under the name 'Mountains of the Moon'.

A beautiful and haunting work, this album picks up where he left off with Talk Talk's' Laughing Stock' seven years before, re-emerging with a suite of music that encompassed jazz, ambient, and folk. His inspiration came not from 'pop' but 20th-century classical music and jazz from the late fifties and sixties (there is a distinct flavour of Miles Davis – 'In A Silent Way' here) and is one of the quietest and most intimate records ever made – creating an exceptional atmosphere in which the listener can submerge.

1 The Colour of Spring  
2 Watershed  
3 Inside Looking Out  
4 The Gift  
5 A Life (1895-1915)  
6 Westward Bound  
7 The Daily Planet  
8 A New Jerusalem