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Yello: Point (LP)

Point (LP)


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  • Release Date 28 August 2020
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Vinyl LP
UM Germany
Electro pop pioneers Yello release a new studio album! The pair are of course Dieter Meier and Boris Blank and Point is their 14th studio album, following 2016’s Toy. Describing their approach to their art, Blank says “I compare our music with visual worlds. I am a sound painter who works in his studio all the time.” You can hear a preview of Waba Duba, below. A Yello album is like a magical mystery tour. We may know where the journey starts but we have no idea where it will end. Their latest, “Point”, is no different. Their last album, “Toy”, sounded unusually “cosmic”. Now, Yello have returned to earth. The joyous swing and nonsensical wit of “Waba Duba” sets the tone and, like “Peter Strong”, carries an echo of the early days of “You Gotta Say Yes to Another Excess”. “Arthur Spark“ performs the typically Yello-esque circus trick of blending absurd words with irresistible dance beats and a feeling of wistful longing. ”Big Boy’s Blues“ is a mutant blues with Meier in Leonard Cohen-mood. ”Hot Pan“ evokes, and subverts, old Spaghetti Western memories. ”Rush for Joe“ serves up a glorious trombone solo. Finally, there is the eerily beautiful “Siren Singing” which, according to Chinese guest singer Fifi Rong, is about “unconditional love to ease the suffering of mankind”. Yello ideas, like sparks, fly off in all directions. And yet, they are all unmistakably part of the same painting.
1 Waba Duba  
2 Way Down  
3 Out Of Sight  
4 The Vanishing Of Peter Strong  
5 Arthur Spark  
6 Big Boy’s Blues  
7 Insane  
8 Basic Avenue  
9 Spinning My Mind  
10 Hot Pan  
11 Rush For Joe  
12 Siren Singing (feat. Fifi Rong)