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I Mother Earth: Scenery & Fish (CD)

Scenery & Fish (CD)

I Mother Earth

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  • Release Date 23 April 1996
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Compact Disc
After being pigeonholed as a metal band upon the release of their 1993 debut, Canadian band I Mother Earth returned in 1996 with Scenery and Fish. Guitarist Jag Tanna produced the sophomore effort with Paul Northfield and the resulting album, while not as immediate as Dig, is certainly every bit as rewarding.
1 Hello Dave!  
2 Like A Girl  
3 One More Astronaut  
4 Another Sunday  
5 Three Days Old  
6 Used To Be Alright  
7 Shortcut To Moneton  
8 Pisser  
9 Raspberry  
10 Songburst & Delirium  
11 Sense Of Henry  
12 Earth, Sky & C.