Max Webster: The Party (Box Set)

The Party (Box Set)

Max Webster

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  • Release Date 29 September 2017
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ole Label Group will release the definitive 8-disc vinyl and CD box sets, for Canadian hard rock icons Max Webster. The Party will feature newly re-mastered albums, exclusive unreleased studio and live songs, the long-out of print Kim Mitchell self-titled EP and a comprehensive booklet packed with rare photos and memorabilia.

CD box set includes the newly re-mastered albums Max Webster, High Class in Borrowed Shoes, Mutiny Up My Sleeve, A Million Vacations, Live Magnetic Air, Universal Juveniles, Kim Mitchell EP and special edition The Bootleg which features unreleased studio and live tracks remixed by Terry Brown and Greg Wells.

1 Hangover  
2 Here Among The Cats  
3 Blowing The Blues Away  
4 Summer Turning Blue  
5 Toronto Tontos  
6 Coming Off The Moon  
7 Only Your Nose Knows  
8 Summer's Up  
9 Lily  
1 High Class In Borrowed Shoes  
2 Diamonds Diamonds  
3 Gravity  
4 Words To Words  
5 America's Veins  
6 Oh War!  
7 On The Road  
8 Rain Child  
9 In Context Of The Moon  
1 Lip Service  
2 Astonish Me  
3 Let Your Man Fly  
4 Water Me Down  
5 Distressed  
6 The Party  
7 Waterline  
8 Hawaii  
9 Beyond The Moon  
1 Paradise Kisses  
2 Charmonium  
3 Night Flights  
4 Sun Voices  
5 Moon Voice  
6 A Million Vacations  
7 Look Out  
8 Let Go The Line  
9 Rascal Houdini  
10 Research (At Beach Resorts)  
1 America's Veins  
2 Paradise Kisses  
3 In Context Of The Moon  
4 Night Flights  
5 Lip Service  
6 Sarniatown Reggae  
7 Here Among The Cats  
8 Gravity  
9 Waterline  
10 Charmonium  
11 Hangover  
1 In The World Of Giants  
2 Check  
3 April In Toldeo  
4 Juveniles Don’t Stop  
5 Battle Scar  
6 Chalkers  
7 Drive and Desire  
8 Blue River Liquid Shine  
9 What Do You Do With The Urge  
10 Cry Out For Your Life  
1 Let Go The Line (Live Reunion Show - 2007)  
2 Oh War! (Live Oshawa 1979)  
3 Deep Dive (Contraband 1982)  
4 Battle Scar (Contraband 1979)  
5 Walden 5 (Contraband 1979)  
6 In The World Of Giants (Contraband 1979)  
7 Better (Contraband 1979)  
8 Research (At Beach Resorts)  
9 No Matches No Cigarettes (Live In Oshawa)  
1 Kids In Action  
2 Miss Demeanor  
3 Big Best Summer  
4 Tennessee Water  
5 Chain Of Events  

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