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Five Finger Death Punch: The Way Of The Fist (CD)

The Way Of The Fist (CD)

Five Finger Death Punch

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  • Release Date 04 November 2008
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Compact Disc
Prospect Park Records
As its name indicates, Five Finger Death Punch packs a serious sonic wallop. On The Way of the Fist, the band offers up its appealing brand of metal, which moves between hardcore, ominous black metal, and melodic metal la System of a Down or Alice in Chains. Tunes like the opener "Ashes" and "Salvation" are cases in point, alternating pummeling, in-your-face verses with winding, hooky choruses. The Way of the Fist rocks hard, and -- with its sense of variety -- should appeal to metalheads of many stripes.
CD 1
1 Ashes  
2 The Way of the Fist  
3 Salvation  
4 The Bleeding  
5 A Place to Die  
6 The Devil�s Own  
7 White Knuckles  
8 Can�t Heal You  
9 Death Before Dishonor  
10 Meet the Monster  
11 Never Enough  
12 Stranger than Fiction  
13 The Bleeding  
14 The Devil�s Own  

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