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Five Finger Death Punch: War Is The Answer (CD)

War Is The Answer (CD)

Five Finger Death Punch

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  • Release Date 29 September 2009
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Compact Disc
Prospect Park Records
War Is the Answer, mines much of the same territory as The Way Of The Fist, keeping the flame of the classic '80s Four Horsemen sound alive with snap-tight chugga-chugga guitar rhythms, minor-key, classical music-inspired clean/acoustic passages, and vocals dripping with a James Hetfield-approved combination of sensitive angst and macho defiance.
CD 1
1 Dying Breed  
2 Hard To See  
3 Bulletproof  
4 No One Gets Left Behind  
5 Crossing Over  
6 Burn It Down  
7 Far From Home  
8 Falling In Hate  
9 My Own Hell  
10 Walk Away  
11 Canto 34  
12 Bad Company  
13 War Is The Answer  

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