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Janet Jackson: Janet (2LP)

Janet (2LP)

Janet Jackson

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  • Release Date 26 July 2019
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Vinyl LP
Janet. is the fifth studio album by Janet Jackson, released on 18th May, 1993, through Virgin Records. Prior to its release, Jackson was at the center of a high-profile bidding war over her recording contract. In 1991, her original label A&M sought to renew her contract, but after meeting with then Virgin owner Richard Branson, she signed with the label. The contract was worth an estimated $40 million, making her the world's then-highest paid musical act. For this album, Janet wrote all lyrics, in addition to co-producing every song and co-writing each of their arrangements with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. Its title, read "Janet, period.", is meant to disassociate her public image from her family, dropping her surname. A pop and R&B record, janet. incorporated hip hop, opera, house and jazz, eliminating the rigid, industrial sound of her previous records. Lyrically, the theme of janet. is sexual intimacy�an abrupt departure from her conservative image.
1 Morning  
2 That's The Way Love Goes  
3 You Know�  
4 You Want This  
5 Be A Good Boy�  
6 If  
7 Back  
8 This Time  
9 Go On Miss Janet  
10 Throb  
11 What'll I Do  
12 The Lounge  
13 Funky Big Band  
1 Racism  
2 New Agenda  
3 Love Pt. 2  
4 Because Of Love  
5 Wind  
6 Again  
7 Another Lover  
8 Where Are You Now  
9 Hold On Baby  
10 The Body That Loves You  
11 Rain  
12 Any Time, Any Place  
13 Are You Still Up  
14 Sweet Dreams  
15 Whoops Now (Hidden Track)  

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