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The Roots: Undun (Smoke Vinyl) (LP)

Undun (Smoke Vinyl) (LP)

The Roots

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  • Release Date 14 December 2018
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Vinyl LP
‘undun‘ is the 10th studio album from legendary hip-hop band The Roots originally released on 2nd December, 2011. The Grammy® nominated album (best rap album) incorporates neo soul and indie music elements. It is an existential concept album about the short, tragic life of fictional character Redford Stevens, set in urban poverty, and is told through a reverse-chronological narrative. undun received widespread acclaim from critics, who praised its existential subject matter, production quality, and the band’s musicianship. It was included on several critics’ year-end lists of best albums. Previously released as a 2LP set, this version has now been converted to 1LP, in addition to a limited edition CE color vinyl version.
1 Dun  
2 Sleep  
3 Make My  
4 One Time  
5 Kool On  
6 The OtherSide  
7 Stomp  
8 Lighthouse  
9 I Remember  
10 Tip The Scale  
11 Redford (For Yia-Yia & Pappou)  
12 Possibility  
13 Will To Power  
14 Finality  

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The Roots: Undun (LP)
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Undun (LP)
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