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Public Enemy: Icon (CD)

Icon (CD)

Public Enemy

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  • Release Date 11 March 2014
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Compact Disc
Public Enemy's 20-year career has had a monumental impact on the music world. Robert Patton-Spruill's Welcome to the Terrordome chronicles their legacy, their history and what icons of the music world say about their influence. Two decades later, the most controversial rap group of the '80s is all grown up... and still touring. Here are their seminal offerings.
1 You're Gonna Get Yours  
2 Bring The Noise  
3 Rebel Without A Pause  
4 Don't Believe The Hype  
5 Welcome To The Terrordome  
6 911 Is A Joke  
7 Fight The Power  
8 Can't Truss It  
9 Shut Em Down  
10 Hazy Shade Of Criminal  
11 Give It Up  

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