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The Cocteau Twins: Treasure Hiding: The Fontana Years (4CD)

Treasure Hiding: The Fontana Years (4CD)

The Cocteau Twins

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  • Release Date 12 October 2018
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This 4-CD set brings together the two albums the band recorded for Fontana along with B-Sides, EP's, Radio One sessions and the odd rarity. The set was mastered at Abbey Road from the original tapes and approved by Robin Guthrie. Housed in a study box designed by James Issacs – the booklet contains photos a discography from the era as well as a sleeve note by noted author Chris Roberts.
1 I Know Who You Are At Every Age  
2 Evangeline  
3 Bluebeard  
4 Theft And Wandering Around Lost  
5 Oil Of Angels  
6 Squeeze-Wax  
7 My Truth  
8 Essence  
9 Summerhead  
10 Pur  
1 Violaine  
2 Serpentskirt  
3 Tishbite  
4 Half-Gifts  
5 Calfskin Smack  
6 Rilkean Heart  
7 Ups  
8 Eperdu  
9 Treasure Hiding  
10 Seekers Who Are Lovers  
1 Mud And Dark  
2 Summer-Blink  
3 Winter Wonderland  
4 Frosty The Snowman  
5 Three Swept  
6 Ice Pulse  
7 Blue Beard (EP Version)  
8 Rilkean Heart (EP Version)  
9 Golden-Vein (EP Version)  
10 Pink Orange Red (EP Version)  
11 Half-Gifts (EP Version)  
12 Feet Like Fins  
13 Seekers Who Are Lovers (EP Version)  
14 Violaine (EP Version)  
15 Cherry Coloured Funk (Seefeel Remix)  
16 Tishbite (Single Version)  
17 Primitive Heart  
18 Flock Of Soul  
19 Round  
20 An Elan  
1 Smile  
2 Tranquil Eye  
3 Circling Girl  
4 Alice  
5 Circling Girl (Volume Magazine Version)  
6 Touch Upon Touch (Volume Magazine Version)  
7 Serpentskirt (Mark Radcliffe BBC Session/March 1996)  
8 Golden-Vein (Mark Radcliffe BBC Session/March 1996)  
9 Half-Gifts (Mark Radcliffe BBC Sesssion/ March 1996)  
10 Seekers Who Are Lovers (Mark Radcliffe BBC Session/ March 1996)  
11 Calfskin Smack (Robert Elms BBC Session/ April 1996)  
12 Fifty-Fifty Clown (Robert Elms BBC Session/ April 1996)  
13 Violaine (Robert Elms BBC Session/ April 1996)