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Mobb Deep: Juvenile Hell (LP) (Red)

Juvenile Hell (LP) (Red)

Mobb Deep

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  • Release Date 07 December 2018
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Vinyl LP
Coming up together during the East Coast's burgeoning hard-core rap scene, the two Queens, NY natives Prodigy and Havoc issued their Mobb Deep debut Juvenile Hell in 1993, while still in their late-teens. Raw and fiery as hell, the duo immediately made a name for themselves with their brutally honest reality rapping and complimentary melancholy beats as heard on album standouts like "Peer Pressure," "Hold Down the Fort," "Stomp Em Out" (featuring Big Noyd) and "Flavor for the Non Believes." Mobb Deep went on to dominate the '90s with all-time hip-hop classic records like The Infamous and the hits "Shook Ones Part II" and "Survival Of The Fittest."
1 Intro (Mobb Deep/Juvenile Hell)  
2 Me & My Crew  
3 Locked In Spofford  
4 Peer Pressure  
5 Skit #1  
6 Hold Down The Fort  
7 Bitch Ass Nigga  
8 Hit It From The Back  
9 Skit #2  
10 Stomp Em Out  
11 Skit #3  
12 Peer Pressure  
13 Project Hallways  
14 Flavor For The Non-Believes