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Tame Impala: The Slow Rush (Creamy White 2LP)

The Slow Rush (Creamy White 2LP)

Tame Impala

  • CDN $55.00
  • Release Date 26 March 2021
  • In Stock
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Vinyl LP

Re-pressed for the first time since its initial release, the new limited edition colour version of The Slow Rush comes on 180 gram creamy white vinyl.

LP 1
Side A
  1. One More Year
  2. Instant Destiny
  3. Borderline
Side B
  1. Posthumous Forgiveness
  2. Breathe Deeper
  3. Tomorrow's Dust
LP 2
Side C
  1. On Track
  2. Lost In Yesterday
  3. Is It True
Side D
  1. It Might Be Time
  2. Glimmer
  3. One More Hour

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