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Nice & Smooth: Nice & Smooth (2LP) (Green/Yellow Marbled)

Nice & Smooth (2LP) (Green/Yellow Marbled)

Nice & Smooth

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  • Release Date 07 December 2018
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Vinyl LP
When the team of Greg Nice and Smooth B made their first appearance on Big Daddy Kane's "Pimpin' Ain't Easy" in 1989, they instantly became one of the most recognizable duos in hip-hop. Known for their catchy, lighthearted and humorous tracks, Nice & Smooth combined Greg Nice's lyrical dexterity with Smooth B's slow, talkative flow to create an often imitated, never duplicate style that won admiration from the likes of Kane, Tupac, DJ Premier and many others. Their self-titled 1989 debut proved their initial chemistry was no fluke, to quote their single "Early to Rise," they "kept coming back with more and more hits." Aside from that song, the album also contains "Funky For You" and "Perfect Harmony," tracks that highlighted the pair's unique delivery, sense of humor and ear for catchy beats. The group went on to experience further success in the subsequent years, but their debut remains possibly their best work, and a worthy inclusion on The Source magazine's list of 100 Best Rap Albums of All-Time.
1 Early To Rise  
2 Something I Can't Explain  
3 Perfect Harmony  
4 We Are No. 1  
5 No Delayin'  
6 Funky For You  
7 Skill Trade  
1 More And More Hits  
2 Ooh Child  
3 Hit Me  
4 Gold  
5 Dope Not Hype  
6 Nice & Smooth  
7 Dope On A Rope  
8 Sum Pimped Out S�