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Max Webster: The Party (LP Box Set)

The Party (LP Box Set)

Max Webster

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  • Release Date 27 October 2017
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ole Label Group will release the definitive 8-disc vinyl and CD box sets, for Canadian hard rock icons Max Webster. The Party will feature newly re-mastered albums, exclusive unreleased studio and live songs, the long-out of print Kim Mitchell self-titled EP and a comprehensive booklet packed with rare photos and memorabilia.

The complete Max Webster vinyl box set includes a thirty-two page booklet, filled with rare photos, quotes and memorabilia, a vintage Max Webster poster, a Universal Juveniles fan club ID card and an introductory foreword by Q107's John Derringer. The vinyl and CD box sets include the newly re-mastered albums Max Webster, High Class in Borrowed Shoes, Mutiny Up My Sleeve, A Million Vacations, Live Magnetic Air, Universal Juveniles, Kim Mitchell EP and special edition The Bootleg which features unreleased studio and live tracks remixed by Terry Brown and Greg Wells.

"The re-mastered records beautifully present more musical detail for your ears to chew on, as well we unearthed and mixed never heard before songs. You'll hear different musical approaches/arrangements as we worked it out in the studio and live," said Kim Mitchell. "We've included the warm sound of quality vinyl in the package. I kept thinking 'where has some of this been for all these years', we carefully picked moments for the box set where the band proved it was definitely strapped to a foreign rock 'n' roll."

1 Hangover  
2 Here Among The Cats  
3 Blowing The Blues Away  
4 Summer Turning Blue  
5 Toronto Tontos  
6 Coming Off The Moon  
7 Only Your Nose Knows  
8 Summer's Up  
9 Lily  
1 High Class In Borrowed Shoes  
2 Diamonds Diamonds  
3 Gravity  
4 Words To Words  
5 America's Veins  
6 Oh War!  
7 On The Road  
8 Rain Child  
9 In Context Of The Moon  
1 Lip Service  
2 Astonish Me  
3 Let Your Man Fly  
4 Water Me Down  
5 Distressed  
6 The Party  
7 Waterline  
8 Hawaii  
9 Beyond The Moon  
1 Paradise Kisses  
2 Charmonium  
3 Night Flights  
4 Sun Voices  
5 Moon Voice  
6 A Million Vacations  
7 Look Out  
8 Let Go The Line  
9 Rascal Houdini  
10 Research (At Beach Resorts)  
1 America's Veins  
2 Paradise Kisses  
3 In Context Of The Moon  
4 Night Flights  
5 Lip Service  
6 Sarniatown Reggae  
7 Here Among The Cats  
8 Gravity  
9 Waterline  
10 Charmonium  
11 Hangover  
1 In The World Of Giants  
2 Check  
3 April In Toldeo  
4 Juveniles Don’t Stop  
5 Battle Scar  
6 Chalkers  
7 Drive and Desire  
8 Blue River Liquid Shine  
9 What Do You Do With The Urge  
10 Cry Out For Your Life  
1 Let Go The Line (Live Reunion Show - 2007)  
2 Oh War! (Live Oshawa 1979)  
3 Deep Dive (Contraband 1982)  
4 Battle Scar (Contraband 1979)  
5 Walden 5 (Contraband 1979)  
6 In The World Of Giants (Contraband 1979)  
7 Better (Contraband 1979)  
8 Research (At Beach Resorts)  
9 No Matches No Cigarettes (Live In Oshawa)  
1 Kids In Action  
2 Miss Demeanor  
3 Big Best Summer  
4 Tennessee Water  
5 Chain Of Events