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Little Steven: Soulfire Live (Vinyl Boxed Set 7LP)

Soulfire Live (Vinyl Boxed Set 7LP)

Little Steven

  • CDN $263.99
  • Release Date 01 February 2019
  • In Stock
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Vinyl LP
With 7 albums and 70 tracks, this limited-edition 180-gram marbled vinyl career box is an epic and electrifying journey through rock 'n' roll history led by one of its most passionate practitioners, showcasing Stevie Van Zandt's limitless knowledge, talent, and sheer love for the genre in all its many shapes and guises. The vinyl box set will incorporate an exclusive bonus LP capturing Little Steven's extraordinary surprise set at Liverpool's legendary Cavern Club where Little Steven pays tribute to The Beatles with rocking renditions of iconic songs.
1 Mike Stroller Intro  
2 Soulfire  
3 I'm Coming Back  
4 Blues Is My Business Intro  
5 Blues Is My Business  
6 Love On The Wrong Side Of Town  
7 Until The Good Is Gone  
8 Angel Eyes  
1 Some Things Just Don't Change  
2 Saint Valentine's Day Intro  
3 Saint Valentine's Day  
4 Standing In The Line Of Fire Intro  
5 Standing In The Line Of Fire  
6 I Saw The Light  
7 Salvation  
8 The City Weeps Tonight Intro  
9 The City Weeps Tonight  
1 Down And Out In New York City  
2 Princess Of Little Italy Intro  
3 Princess Of Little Italy  
4 Solidarity  
5 Leonard Peltier  
6 I Am A Patriot  
7 Groovin' Is Easy  
1 Ride The Night Away Intro  
2 Ride The Night Away  
3 Bitter Fruit  
4 Forever  
5 Checkpoint Charlie Intro  
6 Checkpoint Charlie  
7 I Don't Want To Go Home  
8 Out Of The Darkness Intro  
9 Out Of The Darkness  
1 Even The Losers  
2 Can't Be So Bad (featuring Jerry Miller)  
3 You Shook Me All Night Long  
4 Working Class Hero  
5 We Gotta Get Out Of This Place  
6 Can I Get A Witness (featuring Richie Sambora)  
7 It's Not My Cross To Bear Intro  
8 It's Not My Cross To Bear  
9 Freeze Frame (featuring Peter Wolf)  
1 The Time Of Your Life  
2 Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out (featuring Bruce Springsteen)  
3 I Don't Want To Go Home (featuring Bruce Springsteen)  
4 Merry Christmas (I Don�t Want To Fight Tonight)  
1 I Saw Her Standing There Intro  
2 I Saw Her Standing There (featuring Paul McCartney)  
3 Cavern Club Intro  
4 Magical Mystery Tour  
5 Boys  
6 Slow Down Intro (which was formally named Liverpool Tribute)  
7 Slow Down  
8 Some Other Guy  
9 Soldier Of Love Intro  
10 Soldier Of Love  
11 Good Morning  
12 Got To Get You Into My Life  
13 All You Need Is Love  
14 Birthday  

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