Johnnie Taylor: Stax Classics

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Johnnie Taylor

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  • Release Date 12 May 2017
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This collection highlights soul singer Johnnie Taylor, who scored a dozen Top Ten R&B hits for Stax, starting with 1968's Who's Making Love, included in this collection, along with such favorites as I Believe In You (You Believe In Me) and Judy's Got Your Girl And Gone.
1 Who's Making Love  
2 Jody's Got Your Girl And Gone  
3 I Believe In You (You Believe In Me)  
4 Steal Away  
5 Somebody's Sleeping In My Bed  
6 Testify (I Wonna)  
7 Take Care Of Your Homework  
8 Cheaper To Keep Her  
9 I Got To Love Somebody's Baby  
10 We're Getting Careless With Our Love  
11 Love Bones  
12 I Am Somebody