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The Tragically Hip: Yer Favourites (2CD)

Yer Favourites (2CD)

The Tragically Hip

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  • Release Date 26 March 2021
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Compact Disc
Yer Favourites is a two-disc compilation album by The Tragically Hip. The tracks for Yer Favourites were selected by the band's fans on its website and were remastered. The compilation includes a total of seven songs from Fully Completely (the most songs of any album on the compilation), six songs from Road Apples, five songs from Phantom Power, four songs from Up to Here, four songs from Day for Night, two songs from Trouble at the Henhouse, two songs from Music @ Work, two songs from In Violet Light, two songs from In Between Evolution and one song from the band's self-titled EP. It also included two new songs, "No Threat" and "The New Maybe".
Disc 1
1 No Threat  
2 Grace, Too  
3 My Music At Work  
4 38 Years Old  
5 Gift Shop  
6 Ahead By A Century  
7 Vaccination Scar  
8 Three Pistols  
9 So Hard Done By  
10 Fiddler's Green  
11 Looking For A Place To Happen  
12 Cordelia  
13 It's A Good Life If You Don't Weaken'  
14 Blow At High Dough  
15 Wheat Kings  
16 Fifty-Mission Cap  
17 New Orleans Is Sinking  
18 Escape Is At Hand For The Travellin' Man  
Disc 2
1 Fully Completely  
2 Twist My Arm  
3 Courage (For Hugh MacLennan)  
4 Lake Fever  
5 Poets  
6 Fireworks  
7 Boots Or Hearts  
8 Bobcaygeon  
9 Nautical Disaster  
10 Highway Girl  
11 Gus: The Polar Bear From Central Park  
12 Scared  
13 Something On  
14 At The Hundredth Meridian  
15 Long Time Running  
16 The Darkest One  
17 Locked In The Trunk Of A Car  
18 Little Bones  
19 The New Maybe  

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